About Arezoo

Arezoo is a Düsseldorf-based nail artist available for projects internationally. Her primary focus includes working on-set with brands and artists for campaigns, shows, editorials, and video-/photoshoots.

Formerly a Mechanical Engineer with a focus on International Business, Arezoo lived in Shanghai and Germany from 2015-2019 and speaks Mandarin Chinese conversationally, and German, English, and Pashto fluently. With Shanghai occupying a special place in her heart, she still frequently visits the vibrant city, where she greatly enjoys collaborating with local artists and exploring the creative scene.

The essence of Arezoo's work is rooted in her creative process and unwavering passion. While some have suggested she open her own salon, Arezoo's commitment to collaborating with brands and artists creates an atmosphere driven by professionalism and shared goals, benefiting both the artist and the client. This environment fosters her ability craft expressive and sculptural nail art, perfectly suited for fashion brands and musicians. To make her art accessible to a wider audience, Arezoo now offers reusable press-on nails in custom sizes, available for purchase online and across various marketplaces.